Four individual 2-hour online mini-immersions fusing the art of movement, the science of anatomy, and the activation of creativity. Join for one or all four!

Co-facilitated by Amy Olson and Liz Waddell, PT, DPT of Art of Movement Physical Therapy


Think of that big delicious morning stretch where your body expands and comes alive. Maybe you add in a funky shake or growl because no one is looking? It's like that! We use movement explorations to slow down, find our flow, as well as activate and encourage vitality. Creative inquiries are guided by the body, music, and the surrounding environment. Science tells us that practices that promote a sense of ease and flow enhance immunity, fertility, digestion, and heart health.


With a different anatomical focus in each workshop, you'll learn amazing, useful things about the body. With your own hands, you will discover your body's design and function. Understanding the structures underneath the skin and how they work is foundational in taking an active role in your health.


Movement gets our creative juices flowing. Even on a walk, we travel through emotions, stories, and mental images. We have Aha! Moments, problem-solve, and find new possibilities. Through movement, we let the body speak. Through writing and drawing prompts, we integrate its wisdom. Layers of moving, learning, and creating encourage you to put your immersion experience to work in your everyday life.


  • No art or dance experience is needed. We promise! The only requirement is that you be able to get up and down from the floor and feel free to use support if you need it.

  • Supplies needed: paper/journal paper. Large art paper works best. Crayons, pastels, or markers.

  • The minimum number of sign-ups to run each date is 5, max 10.

  • Attend one or all four. 



If you would like a printout with all the details CLICK HERE




 It's like no other body movement class. It makes you think, explore, imagine your body in a new way. More like the magnificent machine it is and less like a billboard. Doing an online class made me feel safer to explore my body because I was in my own home. Amy made me feel safe to express myself by reminding me not to judge my movements. It gave me freedom to explore what my body wanted to do, not to follow someone else's movements.