Giving Shelter to the Psyche

Through Movement Based Expressive Arts



Going with the flow in 2020! Body of Art has an online immersion in the works for Fall 2020. In-person experiences are on hold due to COVID-19, but that won't stop our curiosity and dedication to living the embodied life!


"When I look
I am seen
so I exist"

D.W. Winnicott



Body of Art, founded by Amy Olson in 2018, is a Movement Based Expressive Arts practice providing experiences fusing movement, visual and written arts. The approach is based on the idea that we are all artists, given the proper environment, and by engaging in the arts we become REAL, in the sense that we live a more embodied, poetic, and joyful existence. 

With a background of 20 years of clinical experience as a psychotherapist and eating disorders specialist, Amy created Body of Art to bring deeply transformative somatic and artistic practices out of the clinical setting and into the community. Her teaching incorporates trauma-informed ideas and practices from the world of psychoanalysis, somatic psychology, and expressive arts.

A long time lover of the moving body, Amy participated in martial arts as a child and young adult and was a member of the martial arts team at Florida State University. Therapeutic applications of yoga became of great interest leading to certification as an Integrative Yoga Therapist in her 20's. Seeking fewer inhibitions and more creativity, fluidity, and freedom in her body, she learned...

You are never too old to learn and love to dance!

Amy fell in love with dance at age 39. After dabbling in multiple styles, Amy found an affinity for freestyle, improvisational movement, at times incorporating the chrome dance pole. Over the past 7 years, she has participated in immersions and intensives with Tracee Kafer of Find your Freestyle, Vincent Martínez-Grieco of Soul Motion, Rochelle Sheik of Qoya Movement, and the Tamalpa Institute. She has competed twice in the over 40 division of the Pole Sport Organization, became a certified Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator in 2017 and teaches freestyle pole dance at Aradia in Cary, NC.



Cary, NC


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