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Body of Art

Giving Shelter to the Psyche

Through Movement Based Expressive Arts



Would you like to drop-in on a regular class? Maybe you'd like to take a deeper dive into a longer event? Prefer to work privately? There are multiple options for moving bodies and inquiring minds.


About Body of Art

Body of Art, founded by Amy Olson in 2018, is a Movement Based Expressive Arts practice providing experiences fusing movement, visual and written arts. The approach is based on the idea that we are all artists, given the proper environment, and by engaging in the arts we become REAL, in the sense that we live a more embodied, poetic and joyful existence. 

With a background of 20 years of clinical experience as a psychotherapist and eating disorders specialist, Amy created Body of Art to bring deeply transformative somatic and artistic practices out of the clinical setting and into the community.


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